Migrating Your Blackboard Course Content

Course migration involves transferring material from a current course to another location, for example, from an existing course to another existing course, or a new course.

Several features can be accessed via the Control Panel area labeled Packages and Utilities.

Screenshot highlighting the Course-Migration-related tools in the Control PanelThere are four separate functions that fall under the category of Course Migration:

  • Archiving a Course: Archiving a course creates a permanent record of a course including all of the content and user interactions. The Archive Course feature is useful for maintaining a record of a course after it has been taught.
  • Exporting a Course: The Export Course feature creates a package of the course content that can later be imported into Blackboard and used to teach another course with the same content. The Export Course feature (unlike the Archive Course feature) does not include the records of any user interactions with the course -- it only includes the contents of the course.
  • Copying a Course: The Course Copy feature copies some or all of the course materials from one course to another, without having to first package the materials into a downloadable file.
  • Bulk Delete: The Bulk Delete feature is useful for faculty at the end of a course. It allows the faculty to select information to be deleted from a course and keeps the rest of the course content for use in the future. For instance, the Bulk Delete feature permits faculty to delete student names and records (such as grades obtained, discussion board posts, etc.) from a course, but keep the other contents of the course for future use.


Last updated: 6/6/2017