Importing a Course

The Importing Course feature has two options:


Import Course Cartridge

Course cartridges are pre-made materials produced by professional authors, editors, and textbook publishers that can be downloaded (from a CD or from a Web page) and added to a course. Course cartridges enable faculty to gain access to complete sets of teaching tools provided by academic publishers. In one central location, faculty can find relevant, publisher-created materials. Once the materials are imported to a course, faculty can customize the content by adding and deleting materials as needed to match with specific topics covered in the course.

Screenshot highlighting how to access the Import Course Cartridge feature


Import Course Package

An imported course package is a .zip file of exported course content. Importing a package into an existing course copies the contents of the package into the existing course. Export packages do not include student names or records (such as grades, Assignment submissions, or discussion board posts).

It is important that faculty should never upload an Exported Course package that has been edited since it was created and downloaded. Opening the .zip file and changing any of the files in the Exported Course package will result in errors when the course is imported.

Screenshot highlighting how to access the Import Package or View Logs feature

Note: While you can import a course export to an existing course in Blackboard, you are not able to restore a course archive. If you need to have an archive package restored, you will need to submit a ticket with the Division of IT to request that the archive be restored.

Last updated: 10/21/2020