Copying a Course

The Course Copy feature can make an exact copy of the course.  This feature can also make a copy of some of the materials to create a new course or add the materials to an existing course. 

Control Panel

Access the course to be copied, and

  1. Click Course Copy located under Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel
  2. Browse for your Destination Course (a new window will open and you will be presented with a list of available courses)
  3. Select Course Materials to be copied
  4. Click Submit

Note:  You will receive a confirmation email alerting you that the course copy process has been completed


course copy options

Copying Assessments 

When copying assessments, like Assignments, graded Discussion Boards, or Tests, be sure to copy the Content Area with the assessment as well as the Grade Center Columns and Settings. For Tests, you need to copy the Content Area, the Grade Center Columns and Settings, and Tests, Surveys, and Pools. If you do not copy all of the required settings, the assessments will not copy to the new course.


Last updated: 7/9/2020