Making a Course Available

Courses, by default, are not visible to students until you decide to make them available. On the Courses Page, courses that are not visible to students are indicated with a lock icon and the word Private.

Blackboard Ultra courses page highlighting a course that is Private and the menu to open the course

You can open any course (make it available) by clicking the ... menu on the Courses Page and choosing Open course. When a course is open, the menu option changes to Make course private.

For a course in the Original Course View, you can also follow these steps to make the course available:

  1. From the Control Panel, click Customization
  2. Next click Properties, and on the following page locate the Set Availability section
  3. Select Yes for Make Course Available
  4. Click the Submit button

Note: Setting the availability is an immediate process.  At the end of the semester, faculty do not need to reverse this process, as all NIU courses are automatically set to be Private two weeks after the end of the semester. Once a course is made private, students will be unable to access the course.

Last updated: 8/16/2019