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Blackboard Known Issues

The following is a list of current known issues regarding Blackboard Learn (Release 9.1) at NIU. The Division of IT is aware of these issues and is working with Blackboard to provide fixes in future service packs to the system. If you encounter any additional issues, please report them by contacting the IT Service Desk at 815-753-8100 or email

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Blackboard mobile app for students automatically displays the message "Late Submission Accepted" when a Due Date is added to a Blackboard Assignment

Posted: 10/6/17, PG. Revised: 11/1/17, SR

This message is appearing after the latest update to the Blackboard mobile app. It can be a confusing message for students, and it can be very problematic for faculty and teaching staff, where the class policy is not to accept late work. The message is intended to indicate that Blackboard will not prevent a late submission, but the way that message is phrased certainly implies much more than that. Blackboard has acknowledged that this is a bug, and that they are working on addressing it.

In the meantime, there are two options. If you remove Due Dates from your Assignments, the message will also disappear from the app. Students won’t see as clearly when the Assignment is due, which is obviously a negative, but they won’t be confused by the Late Work message. You could also leave the Due Dates, but clearly state in your instructions (possibly at the top of the instructions, in bold or all capital letters, where it is more likely to be seen) that late work is not accepted, even though Blackboard will allow you to submit late.

UPDATE: The latest version of the Blackboard Mobile app will no longer display the "Late Submission Accepted" notice. Advice your students to update the app on their device.

Partial Credit boxes do not show for all answers, on Multiple Choice and Opinion Scale/Likert questions

Posted: 8/10/17, PG.

When enabling Partial Credit on Multiple Choice or Opinion Scale/Likert questions on Blackboard tests, a partial credit entry box should display under each incorrect answer. However, partial credit boxes are only displaying under some incorrect answers, allowing partial credit for fewer answers than may be desired.

Blackboard is aware of this as a known issue and is working on a fix, although there is currently no timeline. As a workaround, you can review the results for each student and adjust the scores manually as needed. It may help to download the results in Excel to more quickly identify which students have selected a given answer on a particular question.

Course Copy does not work with Blackboard Collaborate recordings

Posted: 6/29/16, PG.

Blackboard Collaborate sessions/recordings do not get copied over during a Course Copy. Clicking on copied links to Blackboard Collaborate recordings results in an error message. To fix this, the instructor must navigate to the old Blackboard course where the original recordings are located, share the recordings to the new course, and recreate links to the recordings they want to use. Step-by-step instructions for recreating Blackboard Collaborate recording links can be found on the list of frequently asked questions for the Course Copy tool.

Adobe Presenter Upload Issue

Posted: 2/24/16, PG.

When uploading an Adobe Presenter zip file directly to the Content Collection in Blackboard, the index.html file becomes corrupted. Instead, users are encouraged to upload the zip file from within a Blackboard Course:

  1. First login to Blackboard, then enter the course to which you would like to add the Adobe Presenter file
  2. Navigate to the 'Control Panel'
  3. Click on the Content Collection link
  4. Click on the link to the Personal Content Collection (rather than the Course Content Collection)
  5. Click on the Courses folder
  6. Click on the Create Folder tab, and type in the course number (i.e., PHHE 435) for the 'Folder Name'. Click Submit.
  7. To enter the new folder, click on the newly-created folder's name (a link)
  8. From within the new course folder, create another new folder, but this time, type in the name of the Adobe Presenter zip file. Then, click on that folder's name to enter the new folder
  9. From within the new folder, cursor over the 'Upload' tab and click on Upload Zip Package.
  10. Click on the Browse button, locate and click the desired zip file, and then click Open
  11. Finally, click the Submit button

Test Exception Does Not Allow Student to Take Exam After Due Date

Posted: 10/2/14, SR

The new Test Exception feature allows faculty to establish separate availability dates for individual students or groups of students. This is useful for students who may be traveling or ill during a regular exam window. Setting the availability dates should allow only the student or students included in the exception to access the test after the availability window closes. However, if a Due Date is specified and the setting for "Do not allow students to start the Test if the due date has passed" is selected, students with availability windows after the Due Date will be prevented from starting the test.

To avoid this, simply uncheck the option for "Do not allow students to start the Test if the due date has passed" and use the global availability dates for the Test to restrict students from accessing the Test. Then, the availability exception will allow the student or students to access the Test as normal and begin the Test. These submissions will be marked as Late by Blackboard, but that warning can be ignored by the faculty.

This has been submitted to Blackboard as a bug, but there is no timeline for a fix.

Browsers Not Certified for Blackboard

Posted: 5/21/2012, SR. Revised: 8/17/2017, PG

At present, the following browsers are NOT certified or recommended for use with Blackboard and should be avoided by faculty and students when accessing Blackboard:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or lower, which Microsoft no longer supports; Internet Explorer on mobile devices
  • Firefox versions 30 and lower on desktop; all Firefox versions on mobile devices
  • Chrome versions 35 and lower (version 34 and lower on mobile devices)
  • Safari versions 5 and lower

A complete listing of supported browsers and operating systems is available here.

Last updated: 11/1/2017