Users, Add/Modify

How can I add users and modify user status in my course?

There are two ways that users are added to Blackboard courses. Once a faculty member requests a scheduled section, registered students will automatically be added to the Blackboard course; updates to the roster will appear daily. Faculty members can manually add additional users to a course through the Control Panel.

To enroll users manually:

Note: If you know the Z- or A-ID of the person to be enrolled, Steps 5 and 6 can be omitted.

  1. After accessing your course, from the Control Panel, click Users and Groups
  2. Select Users
  3. On the adjacent page, click the Find Users to Enroll button 
    Enrolling Users Steps 1 - 3
  4. On the following page, if the Username of the user is known, enter it in the textbox and proceed to Step 7; otherwise, click Browse
    Enrolling Users Step 4
  5. If you clicked Browse, search for users by Username, First Name, Last Name, or NIU Email and click Go
  6. Click Submit after user is located
    Enroll User Steps - 5 and 6
  7. On the Add Enrollments page, select the appropriate Role
    Enrolling a user, steps 7 and 8
  8. Click the Submit button when finished

Modify Status
To see or modify a list of students enrolled in your course:

  1. In the Control Panel under Users and Groups, click Users
  2. Click on the action link menu next to the username
  3. Select "Change User's Role in Course"
  4. On the next page, select the new role the user should have by checking the radio button to the left of the role
  5. Click the Submit button

For an explanation of the various roles in Blackboard, click here.

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Last Updated: 08/07/2017