Course Copy FAQ

Can I copy materials from one course to another?

Blackboard offers two ways to copy materials from course to course, both through the Control Panel. In order to copy materials between courses, the faculty member must be listed as Faculty Member in both courses, the source (where the original materials resides) and the destination (the course into which the materials will be copied). Entire sections of a course can be copied using the Course Copy feature, while individual documents or folders can be copied from the Action Link menu next to the item in the Course Content area. Click here to learn more about Course Copy.

Can I copy individual documents form one course to another?

Yes, but not through the "Course Copy" option. To copy individual folders or files:

  1. Click the Action Link next to the folder or file to be copied, and choose either Copy or Move from the menu
    Note: Copy makes a duplicate of the item; Move removes the item from the original location
  2. Select the Destination Course from the drop-down menu
  3. Click the Browse button and select the folder for the copied item
  4. Click the Submit button

Can I copy files from another Faculty Member's course?

Yes, but you must be listed as a Faculty Member in both the Source and Destination courses.

I have tried to copy from my shell course to my actual course and keep getting errors... and when I tried to export, I also got errors. I am using a course cartridge from Course Technology, but I really don't want to have to start all over.

Most course cartridge content is intentionally copy-protected so you cannot copy it. Unless the cartridge manufacturer has specifically told you that you should be able to copy it from one course to another, you will need to get another cartridge import key and use that to import to the actual course before any other changes are made to the actual course. Once the cartridge has imported into the actual course you can add other content and make other changes.

Can tests and quizes be copied from one course to another?

You can copy tests between courses if you use Course Copy, and you copy Tests, Surveys and Pools, the Content Area the test is deployed in, and the Grade Center Columns and Settings.  

Note:  It is imporant that all three of the options be selected during the Course Copy process. 

Another option is to export the test from the course you created it in and then import the test into the second course. The test must then be redeployed in the second course. 

To export a test, go to the Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys, and Pools > Tests. Then click the action link (the round down arrow) next to the test you created. From the menu, select Export to Local Computer. Save the exported file to your computer.  It will be a .zip file. Do not make any changes to the zip file.

In the second course, follow the same path to navigate to the Test manager. Click the Import Test button and find the file on your computer. Once the test has been Imported, you can deploy the test and set the options.

IMPORTANT - If you want the quizzes to also be deployed automatically (ie: available to students) in your new course, when performing the copy, you also need to copy whatever Content Areas that the deployed quizzes reside in as well as the Grade Center Columns and Settings to ensure that the quizzes are deployed in the desired Content Areas in your new course. Otherwise, if you just copy the "Tests, Surveys, and Pools" you'll simply need to re-deploy each quiz to the desired Content Area after you make whatever modifications you need.

When I copy content from one course to another, can I also copy my adaptive release rules?

Yes. Adaptive release criteria general to the course content can be copied to another course. Criteria that are specific to the enrollment of a particular section will not be captured if the enrollments are not copied with the content. User-specific adaptive release rules must be re-established in the destination course after being copied.

I copied my Assessments content area, but the Assignments in that content area did not show up in my destination course. What went wrong?

Because Assignments are tied to the Grade Center, in order for Assignments to successfully copy it is necessary to select both the Content Area the assignment is in and Grade Center Columns and Settings when performing a Course Copy.

I have completed a ‘Course Copy’ from a course in a previous semester to the same course in the current semester. All of my material seems to be in place. However, when I attempt to view my Blackboard Collaborate recordings, I get an error message. Why?

Blackboard Collaborate sessions/recordings do not get copied over during a Course Copy. Instead, the instructor must navigate to the old Blackboard course where the original recordings are located.

  1. Once in the original course, within the Course Management menu, click on Course Tools
  2. Under Course Tools, click the Blackboard Collaborate link
  3. From within the Blackboard Collaborate List page, scroll down to the Recordings area, and select the start date of the earliest recording you wish to share. You can click on the calendar icon, and select the year and month of that recording. Click the Go button; all subsequent recordings should also appear.
  4. To the right of the title for each recording you would like to copy, click the round drop-down menu icon, then click on Edit Recording from the drop-down menu.
  5. On the following page, scroll down to Course Selection and select the desired course you wish to share the recording with (also called the destination course). The destination course should be the course for the current semester.
  6. Click the Submit button
  7. Repeat this process for each recording you wish to share
  8. When done, navigate to the new course you just shared recordings with
  9. Even though you just shared the recordings with the new course, the links to the recordings created by the Course Copy will not work. Please delete these links.
  10. In order to add new recording links, click on Course Tools in the Course Management panel
  11. Below Course Tools, click the Blackboard Collaborate link
  12. On the Blackboard Collaborate page, in the Recordings area, click the drop-down arrow  to the right of a recording's title, then choose Add Link
  13. From the Content Area list, select the place in the course structure where you would like the link created
  14. Repeat this process for each recording you wish to share

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Last Updated: 09/07/2018