Customizing Your Home Page

The Home Page is the course entry page and provides easy and instant access to important course information.  Faculty members may customize and arrange the modules on the Home Page based on their priorities and preferences.

Screenshot of the Home module

Blackboard provides several options for customizing your Home Page:

  1. Home Page page options The Edit option will allow the faculty member to change the name of the Home Page as well as set other viewing options, including an option that permits students to customize their own course Home Page, overriding the settings created by the faculty member.
  2. Add Course Module Clicking the Add Course Module button will allow the faculty member to enable or disable viewing for a variety of integrated modules.   Available modules include:  Alerts, Calculator, Dictionary, Announcements, Tasks, Needs Attention, Textpad, Thesaurus, To Do, What’s New. 
  3. Customize Page Clicking the Customize Page button will allow the faculty member to select a color palette for the course's Home Page.
  4. Drag-and-Drop Reordering – If Personalization is allowed through the Edit options, all users will be able to reorder the modules on their Home Page simply by clicking and holding down on their mouse and dragging a module into a desired location.  Releasing the mouse releases the module into its new location.

Note:  You may also change your course entry point: in the Control Panel, click Customization, and then Teaching Style.  Under Select Course Entry Point, use the drop‐down menu to select a different course entry point.


Last updated: 6/6/2017