A Journal is a self-reflective tool for students. Only the student and the faculty member are able to view or add comments to Journal entries. However, the faculty member has the option to make Journals "public" so all students enrolled in the same course can read all entries made to a Journal topic. Group Journals are also available and the entries can be read by all Group members as well as the faculty member.

When a faculty member creates a Journal, they have the option to allow students to be able to edit or delete entries, as well as whether the Journal will be graded.  If the Journal is to be graded, a column is automatically created in the Grade Center.

Note:  If a student is removed from the course, the student's Journal will be deleted, along with all entries and comments.

Screenshot highlighting the process for creating journals

To create a Journal: From the Control Panel click Course Tools > click Journals > and Create Journal in the adjacent content frame.

Last Updated: 7/9/2020