Creating a Test

Screenshot highlighting the process for accessing or building test or quizzes

A test can be created by authoring new questions, using the various built-in question types, reusing existing questions from tests and pools, uploading questions, or importing pools of questions. To create a new Test, access the Tests page by clicking the Tests, Surveys, and Pools link from the Course Tools section of the Control Panel, then selecting Tests on the following page. Tests can be created in the following two ways:

  • Creating a new test: A brand new test can be created via the Build Test link. 
  • Importing a test: An existing test can be imported from elsewhere in the system (for example, another course) via the Import Test link. However, it is important to note that that only Test packages that were created by the Blackboard system can be imported. 

Note:  If students are in the process of taking a test or have already taken a test, then questions cannot be changed except for minor text editing. If faculty attempts to change the number of points for a question, modify answers, add or remove feedback, or change attached files that are part of a test, then that could invalidate existing test attempts and corrupt the entire Test and its corresponding Grade Center entries.

Last updated: 6/1/2017