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The first step to getting started in Blackboard is to ensure that your NIU issued AcountID has been created and that you are able to successfully login to Novell. An AccountID  is assigned to you when you are hired as an employee, and it is canceled after you leave NIU. The AccountID for all NIU faculty and staff hired after 2005 begins with the letter "A", followed by 7 digits. Students are issued a similar ID, called a Z-ID, that begins with the letter "Z".

Contact your department if you do not know your AccountID. If you are a Teaching Assistant, the numerical portion of your A-ID should be the same as your Z-ID. You will need to use your A-ID instead of your Z-ID to use MyNIU for any courses you are teaching independently. If you are working with a faculty member, you can check with them as to whether they enrolled you in their course with your A-ID or Z-ID. 

Starting in 2019, accounts for instructors who are on a temporary appointment will not be deactivated at the end of the semester. Instead, their accounts will remain active for 12 months from their last day of employment. 


NIU passwords are used by faculty, staff and students to access Blackboard, email, Office 365, and a number of other applications and platforms.  This password expires every 365 days. 

To change or reset your NIU password:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your current Account ID and password
  3. Click Change Password
  4. Type in your new desired password, then click Change Password

Create a secure password - see Building a Better Password.

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Last Updated: 4/24/2020